A Data Driven Business Needs a Data Driven Business Model

Welcome to Statso, your partner in Data-Driven Business Consulting services. We specialize in helping businesses leverage their data to make informed decisions and create successful data-driven business models.

Our Services

Data Driven Business Model

At Statso, we specialize in helping businesses create data-driven business models that enable them to achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively. A data-driven business model involves leveraging data to inform decision-making, optimize operations, and drive growth.

Data Monetization

Our data monetization consulting services help you to unlock the potential of your data. We help you to identify new revenue streams, create new products and services to monetize your data.

Data Strategies

We develop a clear data strategy that aligns with your business objectives. We analyze your current data infrastructure, assess gaps, and identify opportunities to optimize data usage. Our data strategy consulting services enable you to create an effective roadmap to achieve your goals.


Our analytics consulting services help you to extract valuable insights from your data. We help you to develop a data-driven approach to decision-making, using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques.

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