Bank Marketing Campaign Analysis: Case Study

Download the dataset below to solve this case study on Bank Marketing Campaign Analysis. (Dataset Source: UCI Machine Learning Repository).

Bank Marketing Campaign Analysis: Case Study

Every bank formulates its marketing strategies by understanding its data. They aim to find the target group of people who are more likely to respond positively. Here is the data of a marketing campaign performed by a bank for a term deposit. Below are all the features in the data:

  1. age: The age of the person 
  2. job: type of job of the person
  3. marital: marital status of the person
  4. education: educational qualification of the person
  5. default: true if the person is a credit defaulter, otherwise false
  6. balance: bank balance of the person
  7. housing: true if the person is having a housing loan, otherwise false
  8. loan: true if the person is having a personal loan, otherwise false
  9. contact: communication type with the person
  10. day: last contact day of the month
  11. month: the last month of communication
  12. duration: last contact duration in seconds
  13. campaign: number of contacts during this campaign with the person
  14. pdays: number of days that passed by after the last communication
  15. previous: number of contacts performed before this campaign
  16. poutcome: outcome of the campaign
  17. deposit: has the person subscribed to the term deposit

As the marketing campaign is based on the marketing of a term deposit, the deposit column is the target variable. Analyze this marketing campaign to find relationships among the people who subscribed to the term deposit.

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