Fashion Recommendations: Case Study

Download the dataset below to solve this Data Science case study on Fashion Recommendations. Dataset Source: Myntra)

Fashion Recommendations: Case Study

A recommendation system is one of the applications of data science used by almost every platform to recommend products and content to its users. Many e-commerce platforms are known for the availability of the right fashionable wear for you. One of the examples is Myntra. Myntra is known for its fashion recommendations.

Here is a dataset we collected from Myntra. The dataset contains information about women’s Kurti from various brands available on Myntra. Below are all the features in the dataset:

  1. Brand Name: The brand name of the product
  2. Product URL: The URL of the product on Myntra
  3. Image: The URL of the image of the product
  4. Product Ratings: The overall ratings of the product
  5. Number of ratings: The total number of ratings of the product
  6. Product Info: The title of the product
  7. Selling Price: The selling price of the product
  8. Price: The price of the product before the discount
  9. Discount: Total discount on the product

You are required to generate fashion recommendations to recommend the most trending products to help users find the trending fashion.

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