News Recommendation: Case Study

Download the dataset below to solve this case study on News Recommendation. (Dataset Source: Microsoft).

News Recommendation: Case Study

The platforms that create content often use a recommendation system to recommend more content to the consumers of their content. A news website wants to recommend news to its users based on the type of news they are already reading.

Here is a news dataset you can use. Below are all the features in the data:

  1. ID: News ID
  2. News Category: News categories (example: lifestyle, health, sports)
  3. Title: Title of the news article
  4. Summary: Summary of the news article

As this dataset is based on recommending news articles, the Title column is the target variable (as it contains the title of the news that will be recommended to a reader). You need to build a content-based recommender system to recommend news for a news website.

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