Screen Time Analysis: Case Study

Download the dataset below to solve this case study on screen time analysis. (Dataset source: Kaggle)

Screen Time Analysis: Case Study

Analyzing the screen time of a user helps smartphone companies give a review of all the activities of the user on their smartphone. It helps users understand if they were productive, creative, or wasted their time.

Here is a daily screen time data of a user collected and submitted by Ruchi Bhatia on Kaggle. Below are all the features in the data:

  1. Date: Date of the record
  2. Usage: Number of times the user used the smartphone in a day
  3. Notifications: Number of notifications the user received in a day
  4. Times opened: Number of times the app was opened by the user
  5. App: The app that was opened by the user

Analyze the screen time of the user to find relationships between the usage of the smartphone and factors like notifications and apps used by the user.

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