User Funnels: Case Study

Download the dataset below to solve this Data Science case study on analyzing user funnels.

Analyzing user funnels involves collecting and analyzing data related to user behaviour and actions at each stage of the funnel to understand how users progress through the different stages, and where they give up or exit.

Here’s a dataset we collected from an e-commerce platform based on the flow of users on their platform. Below are all the features in the dataset:

  1. user_id: represents unique user identifiers
  2. stage: represents the stage of the user’s journey through the funnel 
  3. conversion: indicates whether the user has converted or not

Your task is to analyze user funnel data to understand the conversion journey of users. Identify the stages where users give up the most and the least. Are there specific stages where users tend to convert more frequently or less frequently? Provide visualizations and information to support your conclusions.

References to Solve this Data Science Case Study